Ten zombie books for the price of one?

Fellow writer's personal website

Fellow writer. We've gotten pissed together a few times. He grills bacon!

Dave loves zombies and Bigfoot! He writes great books too.

I've known this guy for years. We once shared the same Publisher. SalGad Publishing.

A cool guy. We've shared anthos in the past. Grab one of his books and he'll love you in a really weird and disturbing way!

His writing will proper shit you up! I've also seen his naked avatar. Yeah, that was a bit freaky!

A most excellent multi-genre author. Go check him out. Show him some love. Make it weird!

Author, Editor, Reviewer. Is there no end to her talents? She has even been known to juggle eight live frogs after drinking a pint of 07 Sauvignon blanc. (Apparently)

Author and publisher,. Is there no end to this man's talents? Once voted the most gorgeous author in Canada. Has really big eyes!

Fellow author and cool guy. Also called Ian. Ian is a great name!

Jo wears many hats. Not only does she write great fiction, she also helps other authors! Nice one.

An awesome write and a beautiful human. He also has a magnificent beard. For a small fee, you can camp inside for a few days!

Writer, lover, pipe smoker. Once drank the Elephant Man under the table. Check him out, just avoid his vacuum cleaner!

Best selling author, Iain, has been voted the nicest man in horror eight times in a row!

A master of Post-Apocalyptic fiction and dentist. 

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Click on the banner above to take you to Paul Flewitt's Facebook site. Paul's from Yorkshire. All you need to know!