New book idea!

This one is going to be called Fractured Souls. The premise is as follows.

The demons trapped in Purgatory haven't tasted a fresh human soul in over two thousand years, so imagine the shock When two lower tiers demons approach Malindroth with the offer of a job. They want him to break three human souls. A task that he's more than eager to start on.

He is no fool. Malindroth knows these demons are the ugly face of a much higher power, perhaps even one of the great creators. Common sense tells him to leave well alone, to turn around, walk away and forget this meeting ever took place. Like that's going to happen. Fresh human souls were such delicate entities. To be treated with skill and precision. It would be criminal to allow some bumbling amateur top even gaze upon such a ephemeral marvel of creation.

Gavin Sheldon is scared. He is terrified. This place sure looks like his house but it can't be. It's like a snapshot from fifteen years ago. His brother is in here too. Gavin heard him calling out. Something happened, something traumatic. He sees a woman. She's on a bed, moaning and crying. He looks at his hand, staring at the unbroken skin. A recent memory appears from nowhere. It's the sight of dazzling car headlights getting brighter and brighter as they race towards him. There's a sound. It's the noise of his bones crunching. Is he dead?

Trapped inside a distorted reality, three recently dead desperately search for an answer as to where they are and what's happening to them. Some answers are easy to find. Seeking the answers which really matter will prove to be their downfall. The three souls are about to find out that the dead really can die again and again.


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